Securing the Railroad

American railroads have earned the reputation of being the safest mode of transportation for the movement of passengers, merchandise freight, and especially hazardous materials. Federal regulations, state codes, and post-9/11 security concerns of customers and local communities require all railroads to take a proactive approach to the issues of safety and security. The Morristown & Erie Railway has made an unprecedented commitment to both of these important matters.

The M&E has established a Railway Police Department and an Office of Emergency Management in order to address these concerns. Both departments work in conjunction with allied federal, state, and municipal agencies to assure safe freight and passenger train movements, provide security for company and customer assets, and maintain a safe environment in the communities it serves.


The Morristown & Erie Railway Police Department is staffed by fully-trained and commissioned railway police officers, including a Chief of Police and Special Agents. The Department’s responsibilities include investigations, background checks, armed patrols of railroad facilities, security for special events, surveillance, employee conduct, and homeland security initiatives, including trespass intervention and surveillance detection. The agency has interstate police authority under 49 U.S. Code 28101. 

Emergency Response & Management

The Emergency Management Division is responsible for implementing and coordinating the requirements of the agencies which regulate the railroad industry. Employee training programs include safety awareness, personal protective equipment, hazardous materials, substance abuse, first aid and fire safety. Additionally, the Department investigates all reportable incidents involving rail operations, personal injury, fire, or release of materials. These investigations lead to the development of corrective measures and improved methods of loss prevention. 

Emergency Management personnel serve as liaison to allied agencies and the various bureaus of federal, state, and municipal government. The Morristown & Erie has managers trained in incident command, hazardous materials mitigation, fire department/EMS operations, and NJ State construction code and municipal land use enforcement standards. A close relationship is maintained with the communities served by the M&E. Training seminars, multi-agency drills and public awareness programs are conducted to familiarize emergency service organizations and the general public with railroad operations and the commodities handled through their jurisdictions. 

In order to accomplish these tasks and regulate the level of training and compliance the Morristown & Erie Railway has developed an Emergency Response Procedure, a Substance Abuse Prevention Program, Hazardous Materials Training Program; Incident Investigation Procedures, Security Awareness Manuals and a policy manual regulating most components of daily business. These procedures and policies meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2000, and other federal regulations. 

Safety Procedures

Because the M&E utilizes New Jersey Transit’s mainline tracks, it is required to operate with the latest safety equipment in use or proposed for use on all NJT Lines. These include cab signals and automatic train stop. M&E train crews also attend NJ Transit operating rules classes and are tested and qualified according to NORAC operating and safety rules. 

The Morristown & Erie Railway’s commitment to safety and security is a proactive initiative which is revised routinely when new regulations are promulgated. The M&E’s safety and security practices are reviewed and audited on a regular basis by the Federal Railroad Administration and a diverse list of Federal, State and Local Authorities.

Security Advisory

The Morristown & Erie Railway, Inc. has implemented a security plan in accordance with 49 CFR part 172 consisting of measures which will ensure the safety and security of its physical plant, equipment, employees, customers, and passengers.  Enforcement of this plan will be resolute, and may limit and/or restrict access to M&E property and result in challenges to individuals considered to be suspicious according to instructions issued to all employees. We ask for your cooperation with any actions taken by M&E employees in accordance with this directive.