Builder: Budd Company, Philadelphia, PA
Build Date: October 1946
Built for: New York Central Railroad
Originally: Coach #2900
Served on: Empire State Express
Capacity: 54 paired coach seating
Top Speed: 90 MPH
Generator: Yes
Amtrak Certified: No


The Cedar Knolls is a classic stainless steel long-distance coach from the heyday of the Streamliner-Era. Comfort meets functionality with 54 overstuffed paired seats combined with a kitchenette in one end of the car with convection oven and dry goods storage.


Built as a 56-seat coach by the Budd Company in October 1946, the Cedar Knolls began its career as the New York Central Railroad's class-leader of long distance coaches in their "Great Steel Fleet" numbered 2900. It was later transferred to the Penn Central in 1968 retaining its original number and eventually became part of Amtrak in 1971 and renumbered 5640. In the 1990's, the car was sold through various private hands and was rebuilt into a 54-seat coach and was finally purchased by the Morristown & Erie Railway in 2003 and operated on the Maine Eastern Railroad, named Ash, before returning to New Jersey in 2016 being renumbered to 5600 and named Cedar Knolls.

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