September 4, 2015
M&E Leaves Maine, Focuses on NJ

January 21, 2015
Artist Andy Fletcher Draws M&E Locomotive

January 7, 2015
M&E Reports 13 Percent Freight Increase in 2014


The Morristown & Erie has been an active short line railroad since 1895. That means we have 120 years of experience serving the shipping needs of customers in northern New Jersey. Click here to learn more.

Wondering where your shipment is headed? See how the M&E is working for you! Click here to learn about our local rail system and how the M&E moves your products via the national rail network.

Could a partnership with the M&E give you the local rail connection you need? Click here to learn about the M&E's rail locations in the New York metropolitan area, and find out how our facilities and shipments can benefit your company.

Fun Fact

Every 20 tons of freight moved on the M&E is another truck taken off New Jersey's congested highways. The M&E offers several conveniently located transload facilities so that customers can get their products where they need them, when they need them.
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