Direct Rail Shipment

This is the most-often used rail shipment option, where freight is shipped directly from the shipper's rail-served location to the customer's rail-served location. Customers looking for rail-served locations in northern New Jersey can visit our business relocation page to learn more about locations along our lines.

Rail to Truck Transload

This rail shipment option provides for customers that do not have a rail-served location. Freight is shipped to a transload facility where it is cross-dock loaded into a truck for final delivery. This option allows customers to take advantage of the economic benefits of rail service without having their own rail-served facility. Visit our transload page to learn more.

Rail to Warehouse / Forward Position

This is a perfect option for customers who cannot handle a full railcar load of freight at one time, but would still like to take advantage of the economy of bulk rail shipping. Freight is shipped to a local warehouse, where it is stored and accessed for truck shipments to the customer as product is needed.

Load Sharing

For customers who cannot handle a full railcar load of freight, load sharing permits multiple locations of the same customer (or even a conglomerate of multiple customers) to benefit from the cost-savings of rail shipment. Freight is shipped to a central distribution location, where it is transloaded to several trucks and transported to multiple locations.