Service Philosophy

For over a century, the M&E has recognized the importance of providing exceptional service to its customers. In fact, the M&E’s first diesel locomotives featured the railroad's slogan “Service Is Our Business” prominently as part of their paint scheme. Today, our marketing department is actively seeking out new business and maintaining a close relationship with current customers. The M&E operations and customer service personnel consistently monitor customer traffic, making sure that shipments arrive and depart promptly.


A short line railroad offers the same professionalism and cost-efficiency of a class I carrier while maintaining the individualized, personalized service of a local company. Our customers are businesses large and small that grow and thrive along with the railroad. The Morristown & Erie Railway offers several locations and delivery options to customers that provide for the loading and unloading of every conceivable commodity. These options, including transloading or business relocation opportunities, are then tailored to each customer's needs to ensure the growth of the customer and the railroad through the shipment of products.