BOXCARS are used for carrying anything that requires protection from the weather, such as paper, food products, and manufactured goods.

REFRIGERATED BOXCARS are designed to control the temperature of perishable freight such as fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen food, and more.

GONDOLAS are perfect for carrying loose, bulk items that do not need protection from the elements, such as scrap metal, aggregates, or primary steel products. High-sided gondolas are useful for larger quantities of the same products.

CENTERBEAMS primarily transport wood building products such as dimensional lumber, plywood, particle board, and wallboard.

BULKHEAD FLAT CARS handle a wide variety of commodities, including dimensional lumber, steel plate, pipe, beams, bars, coils, and heavy machinery.

OPEN-TOP HOPPERS handle heavy bulk commodities that are not affected by weather conditions, including gravel, coal, sand, and metal ores.

COVERED HOPPERS handle heavy dry bulk commodities that need to be protected from the weather, such as grain, plastic pellets, powdered food products, and cement.

TANK CARS are used to transport liquids or gases, including hazmat chemicals, acids, fuels, and oils.