The rich history of the early industrial development in Morris County has left the region with several properties and former industrial sites that are perfect for new or relocating potential rail customers. The M&E works closely with the Morris County Economic Development Corporation and the Morris County Department of Transportation to develop new business opportunities in the region. The M&E’s service region, situated conveniently within the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, has easy access to several major highways and two class I railroads. The M&E staff will work with you to identify a site that meets your needs and, of course, provide you with exceptional rail service that will help your business thrive.

If you are planning to relocate or expand your business, the Morristown & Erie Railway can help. Whether you are relocating to a new site or expanding an existing facility, the M&E maintains a current catalog of potential industrial development sites along our right-of-way with all of the statistics and data that you will need to determine if they will be a good fit for your operation. The M&E also owns property at several sites that is suitable for development as transload or other self-sufficient business properties.

Our Business Relocation Questionnaire captures the essential information about your business and your site development project, and allows the M&E to quickly and easily determine which locations would be suitable for your business. If you are looking to relocate your business along the M&E, please fill out the questionnaire so that we may assist you in locating a property that best suits your needs.

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Business Relocation Questionnaire

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Business Development Sites

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