M&E Mourns Loss of President, CEO

The Morristown & Erie Railway mourns the death of our President & CEO Wesley “Wes” Weis. The long time railroader passed away last weeked at the age of 78 and the funeral service was held today in New Jersey.

Along with serving as President & CEO of the M&E, Wes was a member of IBEW local 164, founder and CEO of Mikab Corporation, served on the board of trustees for the Western New York & Pensylvania Railroad, the Livonia Avon & Lakeville Railroad and is a member of the Bergenfield-Dumont Rotary. He was also a member and judge for the National Corvette Restorer’s Society and was a member of the National Railway Historical Society.

“Wes was always generous to me and to the employees at the Morristown & Erie. He was the guy that would give you the shirt off his back in an effort to help you. In the 17 years I knew him and worked for him he never once said no to an employee in times of need. To me that is the trait and quality of the person that you want to be associated with both personally and professionally,” said Chuck Jensen, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the M&E.

Wes is survived by his wife of 54 years, three children, and nine grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Everyone at the Morristown & Erie has his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.

Record Ridership Set for Third Consecutive Year

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Morristown & Erie passenger trains set new ridership record for the third consecutive year hosting 58,422 passengers in 2018. Passengers were treated to rides on Whippany Railway Museum sponsored family rides on heritage cabooses and coaches as well as on The Polar Express™ Train Ride sponsored by Rail Events Productions in the months of November and December. This surpasses the previous record of 51,539 set in the year 2017.

M&E Hosts Dow Safety Train

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

The Morristown & Erie hosted the Dow Safety Train in Whippany on May 9-10, 2018.

The 6-hour training session that included both hands on and classroom modules including Rail Car & Locomotive Anatomy, Tank Truck Emergencies, Fuming Acid Emergencies, Rail Car Capping Kits "C & Midland" with Leak Mitigation, Grounding & Bonding for Hazmat, and Pipe Line Awareness and Emergency Response.

The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) began its relationship with the Firefighters Education and Training Foundation (the Foundation) in 2006, with a shared vision and passion to build and operate a state-of-the-art hazmat safety train. The safety train – consisting of high-tech classroom cars, representative tank cars and a “protective housing” flatcar – was designed to enable delivery of best-in-class, hands-on training for local community emergency responders along transportation routes.

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Ridership Doubles, sets new record for Second Consecutive Year

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

Photo credit: Matt Phalon

For the second consecutive year, ridership record was set—and more than doubled—from the previous record set last year. The Morristown & Erie Railway hosted 51,539 passengers in 2017. Passengers were treated to rides on Whippany Railway Museum sponsored family rides on heritage cabooses and coaches as well as on The Polar Express™ Train Ride sponsored by Rail Events Productions in the months of November and December. This surpasses the previous record of 22,329 set in the year 2016.

M&E Reports Increased Rail Traffic in 2015

The Morristown & Erie Railway marked its third consecutive year of freight rail traffic increases in 2015.

The Morristown, NJ-based short line railroad has seen an eight percent increase in freight rail traffic in Morris County since 2014. This equates to over 2,000 trucks removed from New Jersey’s congested highway system annually.

The Morristown & Erie hauls a diverse group of products, including plastics, lumber, food products, and petroleum additives. The 26-mile railroad has seen an overall 72 percent increase in freight traffic since 2010.

“Our customers remain our number one priority,” said Marketing & Logistics Manager Rudy Garbely. “Several positive developments in 2015 helped the Morristown & Erie increase its business. We improved our efficiency, expanded and rebuilt our facilities, and acquired the equipment and tools necessary to improve service and expand growth possibilities for our customers.”

During 2015, the Morristown & Erie also saw traffic gains at its Bayway Refinery switching operation in Linden, NJ, continuing a trend that has seen carloads increase 29 percent since 2010. The Morristown & Erie has fostered this increase by helping to coordinate service times between Class I rail carriers and the receivers within the refinery, improving the refinery’s efficiency and output while providing more reliable service.

The railroad is projecting similar traffic increases in 2016, partly due to several capital improvement projects designed to harness additional business opportunities.

Construction on the brand-new Troy Hills Road Bulk Transload Facility, located just off Route 10 in Whippany, was completed in 2015. The location’s 13 railcar spots and easy, convenient access in central Morris County will facilitate the continued expansion and flexibility of Morristown & Erie freight rail services while further reducing truck traffic on New Jersey’s roads.

One of the leading developments for the Morristown & Erie in 2015 was the increase of vertical height clearances on the NJ Transit Morristown Line. The Morristown & Erie, which has freight operating rights on this section of NJ Transit’s track, is now able to interchange 15’6” height Plate C railcars with CSX Transportation in Kearny, NJ. This includes the majority of boxcars, all centerbeam lumber cars, and covered hopper cars. This will provide additional shipping options and added flexibility for the Morristown & Erie’s customers.

“As we enter our 121st year of continuous service in 2016, we are continuing to look for ways to help our customers develop,” Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Chuck Jensen said. “We take pride in providing the vital supply chain link between industries and new markets for their products. If we can provide the facilities and means for our customers to expand their business, we have succeeded in our number one mission: customer service.”

Click here to download the Morristown & Erie's press release.

M&E Railcar Height Clearances Increased for CSXT Interchange

The Morristown & Erie Railway is pleased to announce that effective today (Tuesday, November 11, 2015), vertical height clearances for freight trains on the NJ Transit Morristown Line have been increased to 15’ 6” – the standard height of a Plate C railcar. This includes the majority of boxcars, all centerbeam lumber cars, and covered hopper cars. Due to the increased clearance, the M&E is now able to interchange Plate C railcars with CSX Transportation in Kearny, NJ.

The Morristown & Erie, which has freight operating rights on NJ Transit’s Morristown Line, has been working with NJT to raise the height clearances on this section of track. This now enables M&E customers to use CSXT in addition to Norfolk Southern for shipments to and from points on the M&E.

The Morristown & Erie is always working to improve service to its customers. If you have any questions or inquiries regarding this new interchange opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact the M&E’s shipping department at ship@merail.com.

Click here to download the M&E's notice to customers.

M&E Leaves Maine, Focuses on NJ

2015 will be the final year for the Maine Eastern Railroad’s freight and excursion rail operations.

Since January 1, 2004, the Morristown & Erie Railway has been operating in Maine as the Maine Eastern Railroad, providing year-round freight service and seasonal excursion train service along the Rockland Branch. The railroad’s main office in Morristown, NJ was notified on Wednesday that the operating lease on the State-owned Rockland Branch, which runs for 58 miles between Brunswick and Rockland, ME, will not be renewed with the Maine Eastern. Instead, the local Central Maine & Quebec Railway will assume the freight operations on the Rockland Branch on January 1, 2016.

The Morristown & Erie Railway currently has extensive freight operations in Morris County, NJ and switching operations at the Bayway Refinery in Linden, NJ. Both have seen significant rail traffic increases in the past four years. The Morristown & Erie will be refocusing its efforts on these operations by pursuing several new business opportunities and continuing to foster the upward trend in freight shipments. The Morristown & Erie’s rail equipment currently located on the Rockland Branch will be relocated to New Jersey to supplement the railroad’s existing locomotives and rolling stock and help manage the increased business.

There are no current plans for the continuation of excursion passenger service along the Rockland Branch in 2016. The remainder of the Maine Eastern’s 2015 excursion season will continue to operate as scheduled, with Saturday and Sunday round-trips running throughout October. The final day for excursion service on the Rockland Branch will be Sunday, October 25, 2015. Tickets may still be purchased for these excursions at www.MaineEasternRailroad.com or by calling 207-596-6725.

The Maine Eastern Railroad would like to thank its customers, passengers, supporters, and the State of Maine for the opportunity to operate the Rockland Branch for the past twelve years. The railroad also wishes the Central Maine & Quebec the best success with its new operation.

Click here to view the M&E's press release.

Artist Andy Fletcher Draws M&E Locomotive

Renowned railroad artist Andy Fletcher has produced a drawing of Morristown & Erie Railway locomotive #19.

Fletcher, the artist responsible for designing Norfolk Southern's fleet of 20 heritage locomotives, posted the drawing to his Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.

"Morristown & Erie is truly a fan-favorite and it was a pleasure to draw C424 #19," said Fletcher in an online comment. "Locomotive #19 brings generations of families together to celebrate the holidays and railroading. Truly a great locomotive."

Locomotive #19, a C424 model produced by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) in 1964, has been operated by the Morristown & Erie since 1984. It is frequently used on holiday and excursion rides at the Whippany Railway Museum, where it hauls over 5,000 passengers a year.

The Morristown & Erie Railway extends its thanks to Mr. Fletcher for representing our company among his collection of over 2,000 railroad drawings, which have been made into prints, magnets, and other memorabilia that is very popular in the railroad industry.

Prints, posters, and other products featuring Fletcher's drawing of M&E #19 will be available on his website in the near future.