The Morristown & Erie's proximity to New York City (less than 30 miles away) has made it a popular location for the entertainment industry to use as a backdrop. The railroad's classic railcars and quaint, suburban location are a perfect setting for videography and photography of all kinds.


The Morristown & Erie Railway has been the choice of numerous Hollywood production companies to provide rail equipment for both vintage and modern scenes. Films include the Golden Globe- and Oscar-nominated Far from Heaven (starring Dennis Quaid and Julienne Moore), Mona Lisa Smile (starring Julia Roberts), and the critically-acclaimed independent film The Station Agent (starring Peter Dinklage).


The M&E has also provided rolling stock and locations used in commercials for Macy’s, Tylenol, Fisher Price, and Heineken. A recent example is a 2013 commercial for Chase Bank.

Photo Shoots

The M&E has provided rolling stock for everything from railfan photo shoots to fashion photography backgrounds.

Music Videos

The M&E has recently begun working with music acts to provide equipment and locations for music videos. A recent example is the video for Shontelle's "Say Hello to Goodbye."