Artist Andy Fletcher Draws M&E Locomotive

Renowned railroad artist Andy Fletcher has produced a drawing of Morristown & Erie Railway locomotive #19.

Fletcher, the artist responsible for designing Norfolk Southern's fleet of 20 heritage locomotives, posted the drawing to his Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.

"Morristown & Erie is truly a fan-favorite and it was a pleasure to draw C424 #19," said Fletcher in an online comment. "Locomotive #19 brings generations of families together to celebrate the holidays and railroading. Truly a great locomotive."

Locomotive #19, a C424 model produced by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) in 1964, has been operated by the Morristown & Erie since 1984. It is frequently used on holiday and excursion rides at the Whippany Railway Museum, where it hauls over 5,000 passengers a year.

The Morristown & Erie Railway extends its thanks to Mr. Fletcher for representing our company among his collection of over 2,000 railroad drawings, which have been made into prints, magnets, and other memorabilia that is very popular in the railroad industry.

Prints, posters, and other products featuring Fletcher's drawing of M&E #19 will be available on his website in the near future.